Updated version of GCard

GCard is a golf card database program that I wrote for personal use.  It’s now available to anyone as freeware.  You enter scores and putts for each hole and it provides many statistics and charts, in addition to serving as a lifetime archive for your golf cards.

The latest version is 1.1.  I’ve had to change how charts are done, so they now all have a smoother appearance.   Each of the forms was also slightly changed to improve readability.   Some charts now show trend lines and use “smart labeling” so labels don’t overwrite each other.  Also all of the dates in charts are specific  as opposed to using “earliest” and “latest” in the previous version.  Some new general statistics were added including: average putts on par 3’s, par 4’s and par 5’s, and number of eagles.  The current installation package includes one years’ worth of my data (58 rounds), which can be deleted on the “Options” page to start your own database.

The program runs with administrator privilege on Vista machines, so now a pop up appears every time you start the program in Vista.  I gave it elevated privileges because I want to make it easier to locate the data files (in the Program Files folder) for future updating.  Extended help, screen shots and advice for users can be found in the Users Manual PDF file placed in the application folder during installation.

Database Statistics (20) Charts (11)
  • % greens in regulation (%GiR)
  • scores & putts vs time
  • max. 200 players and courses
  • average putts & putts/GiR
  • adjusted & net scores vs time
  • max. 2000 golf cards w/ up to 4 scores/card
  • scrambling %
  • %(birdie, par, bogie) per hole for each course
  • search and print any card
  • ave score and ave putts on par 3,4,5
  • %GiR/hole & putts/hole for each course
  • comments for cards & courses
  • ave # birdies, pars, bogies, etc. per round
  • ave score and handicap index vs time
  • scores & putts
  • ave raw and adjusted scores
  • %GiR and putts/GiR vs time
  • tee boxes & course handicaps
  • lowest round, lowest # putts
  • # rounds/courses played
GCard main window

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