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Kindle Keyboard Skinning for Fading Keys

A few of the keys on my Kindle 3 (“Kindle Keyboard”) had started to fade away with use.  Not that they were all that visible to start with.  I’d describe them as matte, off-white on a medium gray background.  Recently, I discovered that a vinyl skin could be purchased which covers the keys on the Kindle, and features far more readable keyboard lettering.  You can see a before and after comparison in the photos below.


Can you read these keys?


How about now?

These skins are made by Invisible Defenders and sold at Decalrus.com.  Specifically, the Kindle 3 skins covering the keyboard area are called “Kindle 3_NOKEY” skins and they have a selection of over 600 styles.  For $11 USD, I think they can make a tremendous difference for reading the keys and offer some protection as well.  Or if you would prefer to buy one from amazon.com (from $11.95 and up) search their site for “Kindle 3 nokey”.   If you don’t like the shiny vinyl look they also have some with a matte finish.

Update:  To clarify pricing: Decalrus.com skins are $11.00 + ($3.00 for matte option) + $3.00 shipping.  Amazon.com skins sell for $11.95 +($1.00 for matte option) + $4.99 shipping.  If you can’t get free shipping, then both shiny and matte skins are cheaper direct from decalrus.com.

2 responses to “Kindle Keyboard Skinning for Fading Keys

  1. joan9 Dec 2, 2011 at 9:58 pm

    Thanks for the info – I ordered a skin from Decalrus.com 🙂

  2. mcl69 Aug 8, 2012 at 3:44 am

    Cheaper alternative…?

    When the keys on our first Kindle started to fade, it was still under warranty, we simply contacted Amazon and a few days later a brand new replacement arrived.

    [Note: Amazon UK/Europe – YMMV]

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