Get the lowest online price with the PriceBlink browser add-on

PriceBlink is a browser add-on which searches for low prices and coupons while you shop online.   It is hidden away when you are not shopping (actually it’s hidden until you are on a single item detail web page), then it pops up as a yellow toolbar.  If you are visiting one of the sponsored shopping sites (like, for instance) then when not on a single item detail page PriceBlink pops up as a gray toolbar and will be capable of showing any active coupons it finds for that site from a “View Coupons” drop-down button.


When you are on a single item page the toolbar will be yellow and will show the lowest price that PriceBlink has found from over 3,000 merchant sites.


PriceBlink finds the shipping costs (if any) and considers them when finding the lowest price.  Also note that the yellow toolbar can show a price history graph and lets you create a wish list of items.  If you sign up with an account at, then you can set target prices for wish list items and they will email you an alert when your target price is hit by some merchant.

The add-on is available for Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, and iPad and can be downloaded at this link.

I especially like how it stays out of the way when you are not shopping, considers shipping costs and only takes a couple of seconds to find the low prices.  There’s no ad-ware or spy-ware and you don’t need to sign up if you don’t want email alerts.


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