How to Read Kindle Notes on Your Computer

The Kindle allows you to make notes in your books by typing any text while you are reading.  You may also highlight any text by moving the cursor to the start, clicking to select, moving the cursor to the end and clicking again to complete the selection.  These two types of user text (notes and highlights) are stored on the Kindle in a file called ‘My Clippings.txt’.  Here is how you can get to the text on your computer.

Hook up your Kindle to your computer with the USB cable.

On your computer, look for the Kindle to show up as a new ‘Drive’.

Click on the Kindle drive and open the ‘documents’ folder.

Find and copy the file ‘My Clippings.txt’ to your computer.

Open the ‘My Clippings.txt’ file with your word processor application.

Below is a picture of an example file.  If you have many notes in the file, use the ‘Find’ feature of your word processor application to look up what you want.  You can also manage your notes by periodically renaming the “My Clippings.txt’ file to some other .txt file on the Kindle, or just copy it then delete it and the Kindle will start with a fresh one next time.


UPDATE (for Calibre users):

As of Calibre version 06.44 you can use the “Fetch Annotations” feature to transfer your notes and annotations into the Calibre database (for Kindles only).  They will then be merged with the “Comments” shown under each book in the “Book Description” pane in Calibre.  From the mobileread forums:

  • Connect a Kindle via USB and wait until the Reader icon is displayed next to the Library icon.
  • Click the small down arrow to the right of the Send to device icon, then select Fetch annotations.
  • The Jobs icon spins while Calibre is retrieving annotations from the Kindle.
  • A progress dialog is displayed while the annotations are merged into the database comments.

One thought on “How to Read Kindle Notes on Your Computer

  1. Hi

    The highlights and notes feature of the Kindle has indeed become popular with the readers. Trying to access them online though can become difficult and tedious for some.

    There is an iOS app that will soon be released which will make it more convenient for Kindle users to read and share their notes and highlights. This app called Snippefy ( will also integrate these notes and highights to Evernote, Dropbox, email and social media.

    I hope you can check it out and find it useful too.

    Thank you

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