Calibre Companion on Kindle Fire HD


Calibre Companion (CC) is an android app that can be used with the Calibre book library program on your PC.  The app provides for:

  • wireless transfers of books from PC to android device,
  • indexing of books by author, title, tags or other metadata,
  • comprehensive book metadata synced between devices and
  • cover or list browsing for books.

The app requires that the main Calibre program be running on your computer in order to do wireless transfers or sync metadata.  Also, metadata and tags can only be edited in the main Calibre program (not on your android device).  The CC app is available in the Amazon App Store for $2.99.


The screenshot at the left shows the main browsing window of the app running on my Kindle Fire HD 8.9 (1st gen), with the books sorted by author.

Tap a book cover and the screen changes to show the book and metadata page.

Long-press a book cover and the app opens a reader app on the Kindle Fire HD to read the book.

The first time you select to read a book it will ask what reader app you want and does include the native Kindle reader app as a choice.






This screen shows the book details view.  The command bar at the top changes to let you “Read” or “Delete” this book from this page.










A book “List” view with the grouping slider pane open, shows how to use tags to filter the display of books in the library.  This is a very handy feature if you have a large library of books.








You can do a wireless book transfer as follows.  In the CC app go to Settings>>Wireless Device Connection.  I have IP address and port set to “Automatic” and it works with my home Wi-Fi.

However, it didn’t work the first time I tried to connect from Calibre on my PC.  Eventually, I realized my firewall was blocking Calibre from making the connection.  In my firewall program I had to find Calibre.exe, which was listed as “The main Calibre program” in the “T” portion of the list, not in the “C’s” where I expected it.  Once I set it to “Allowed” all worked as advertised.

CMenuInside Calibre on my computer, I added the “Connect/share” choice to the main toolbar.  Now I can use it to “Start a wireless device connection” and press the “Connect” button in the CC app running on the Kindle Fire HD.  If it’s successful the Kindle shows up as an active device in Calibre and I can use the regular “Send to Device” commands to send books or see books on the Kindle without a wired connection.  This feature and the library off-line sorting and browsing make the Calibre Companion app worth the money.


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