Manage Kindle Collections with Calibre

Install a Calibre Plug-in

I’m using Calibre version 0.8.6 with a Kindle 3 and the “Kindle Collections” plugin version 1.70.  The plugin link has a link to download and instructions on how to install the plugin in Calibre (requires Calibre version 0.8.6 or higher).  There is also some brief description of how to use it.  Once installed (choosing to put the plugin in “the main toolbar when device is connected”), and after restarting Calibre, this is what appears when your Kindle is plugged in.


The version 0.8.6 of Calibre has a new feature to add or manage plug-ins from which you can install this collections manager.  Look for it under the “Preferences/Get plugins to enhance Calibre” toolbar selection.

Check Your Kindle Files

The first thing that I tried was the “View report of Kindle collections and books” option.  This gave me a text file display showing my books and collections and also warning me of 6 books that the Kindle could not read, 2 sets of duplicate books, 2 corrupted .mobi files and a list of about 20 .png and .jpg image files that the Kindle could not display.  I used Windows Explorer to search for and delete these files from my Kindle documents folder.

Create Collections Automatically

Next, I wanted to see if I could add book series as collections in the Kindle.  To do this you need to have “Series” as one of your Calibre columns (with appropriate info filled in, of course), then you first choose the “Customize collections to create from Calibre…” option.  In the pop-up window you have a table and some check box items.  Look for “Series” in the Calibre Source column and set it to “Create” in the Action column.  Move over to the Minimum column and set it to 3 (I don’t want a collection if there are less than 3 books).  Make sure the option “Preserve existing Kindle-only collections” is checked.  At the upper right is a link “Preview without saving collections” click this to get a report of what collections will be created with your current settings.


If the report is OK, go ahead and click the “OK” button to add the collections to your Kindle.  As you can tell from the picture above there are many other options for automatically creating collections.  If you don’t want to go to the trouble of setting up your series or tags or user categories then you can always use the “edit Kindle collections manually…” option.