CookieEater — Visual Basic Application

This is a simple cookie deletion tool, that handles the selective deletion of cookie files in one user-specified folder. The idea behind this is the use of keywords (specified by the user) to give some flexibility in choosing cookies to keep.  If a keyword does not appear anywhere in the cookie file name then that cookie will be marked for deletion.  So for example, if ‘forum’ is entered as a permitted keyword, then any cookies with ‘forum’ in their name would be saved. In the user interface (shown below) the cookies to be deleted have a check mark, which can be un-checked by the user.


If the ‘Use Keyword list’ option is un-checked, then all cookies will be checked for deletion.  The buttons under the ‘Permitted Keyword List’ are used to Add, Remove or Reset the list items, respectively. To perform the deletion click the big ‘Eat up!’ button on the upper right.   Click the little ‘question mark’ button to display help.

To automatically run the program with your settings, add it as a task in Task Scheduler, using the /a command line argument ‘CookieEater.exe /a’.

The installation files can be found by following the download link.  Download, unzip and run setup.exe.