Two Great Apps for Kindle Fire HD


If, like me, you have files spread across your home network and in the cloud, you are going to want to have theses two file handling apps for your Kindle Fire HD:  ES File Explorer and Browser for SkyDrive.  If you are going to side-load android apps you will need a file manager app like one of these.

ES File Explorer by ES Mobile

This is a free app at the Amazon Apps for Android Store.  And is packed with useful features. You can perform the usual cut/copy/paste/delete of files and folders as well as create new folders and use multi-select for files or folders.  It includes a player which can play music and video files when you tap their file names.  It’s most outstanding function allows you to specify storage locations local to the Kindle Fire, on your LAN (access wireless drives like NAS storage), via FTP, Bluetooth and on the Net ( non-Amazon cloud drives like MS SkyDrive).  These are organized in tabbed groups.  Navigation to folders is done in a single pane which “side-scrolls” amongst tab groups.  Most used locations can be set as favorites for quicker access.


As for customization you can choose from 5 themes or set your own picture as a background.   You can hide tab groups that you never use (like FTP and Bluetooth in my case). A manager function (from the main settings bar) lets you make settings for security, apps, backup of apps, view tasks and manage bookmarks.

Browser for SkyDrive by Bolero

While I can access my SkyDrive files using ES File Explorer, the interface in this app is more convenient.  It also has a dual pane mode where you can select files on one side (say local photos) and transfer them to the other side pane (maybe your SkyDrive Public Photos folder) just by touching an arrow icon.  You can also view the transfer status of files, and always login automatically when the app starts.  It’s not quite as customizable as ES File Explorer, but it is specifically tailored to work with your SkyDrive and your local files on the Kindle.


Two very useful Kindle Fire HD apps and both are free at the Amazon App Store.