Rainmeter: Books Skin (book cover display)

I created this skin to show book covers as a kind of slideshow on my desktop.  I use Calibre to organize my ebook collection and as part of building the Calibre library I have downloaded book cover pictures for each book.  I am displaying these pictures using this skin on my desktop.  But you don’t have to use Calibre, as this skin will display any cover pictures from any folder containing the .jpg files (It looks in the sub-folders, too.).   Once installed, you will need to edit the UserVariables.inc file to give the path to your folder of choice.  A new cover is displayed about every 20 seconds.  Of course, you need Rainmeter installed to use this file.

There are two variants of this skin:

  1. Books.ini: which displays a large, slightly rotated book (suitable for pictures >320 pixels in width), and
  2. Books-Mini.ini: which is half the size and not rotated.



Download the Books.rmskin file from here.


Kindle Keyboard Skinning for Fading Keys

A few of the keys on my Kindle 3 (“Kindle Keyboard”) had started to fade away with use.  Not that they were all that visible to start with.  I’d describe them as matte, off-white on a medium gray background.  Recently, I discovered that a vinyl skin could be purchased which covers the keys on the Kindle, and features far more readable keyboard lettering.  You can see a before and after comparison in the photos below.

Can you read these keys?

How about now?

These skins are made by Invisible Defenders and sold at Decalrus.com.  Specifically, the Kindle 3 skins covering the keyboard area are called “Kindle 3_NOKEY” skins and they have a selection of over 600 styles.  For $11 USD, I think they can make a tremendous difference for reading the keys and offer some protection as well.  Or if you would prefer to buy one from amazon.com (from $11.95 and up) search their site for “Kindle 3 nokey”.   If you don’t like the shiny vinyl look they also have some with a matte finish.

Update:  To clarify pricing: Decalrus.com skins are $11.00 + ($3.00 for matte option) + $3.00 shipping.  Amazon.com skins sell for $11.95 +($1.00 for matte option) + $4.99 shipping.  If you can’t get free shipping, then both shiny and matte skins are cheaper direct from decalrus.com.

U.S. Stock Market Index Skin for Rainmeter

This is a configuration file (skin) that I created for use in Rainmeter.  It shows stock market indices.  I chose the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the NASDAQ and Standard and Poors 500.


The background is a 182 x 75 pixel blank image file.  You can substitute your own file if you don’t like mine.  There are three skin variants corresponding to three different backgrounds: paper (shown above), white and transparent.   Download the .zip file from here.