Short Videos

The Clockmakers/Les horlogers

Twisting triangles and lines with tiny trampolinists. From the National Film Board of Canada.


Animated count-down triggers create tones in a creative display.


Organic-like fractal animations with zoom.

The Known Universe

A “to-scale” animation of our current understanding of what the universe looks like as you travel away from Earth. From the Digital Universe Atlas at the American Museum of Natural History.


Slightly animated classical oil paintings in a story-like montage.  This is an excerpt from a 3x longer version.

The Inner Life of a Cell

Travel into a white blood cell, from the outer lipid membrane into the center of the cell and back out again.  Depicts how the cell responds to an injury,  by signaling through the membrane, synthesizing proteins, transporting them to the surface and releasing them at the injury site.